Megha Hindocha

As an ICF-certified Relationship Coach, UNICEF-recognized Expressive Art Therapist, Cambridge-educated Trainer, and Certified Access Consciousness Healing Facilitator & Practitioner, Megha enables companies, groups, and individuals to break patterns, eliminate unwanted behaviours, and foster a culture that enhances productivity and delivers tangible results. Whether it’s one-on-one coaching or training large groups her expertise allows her to equip clients with the tools to understand their behaviour, thereby changing their relationship with themselves and those around them.

Megha is a strong & inspiring woman with more than 25 years of experience in the corporate learning and development sector. Using meditation, healing, and spirituality, she focuses on helping leaders, teams, organizations, and individuals tap their full personal and business potential. She helps them leverage their inner power and potential to create a new vision for themselves and their life.

She has a four-pronged approach while working with all her clients and is experienced, well-qualified and certified in all these areas during her professional and personal journey:

IQ: Acquiring knowledge and building skills

EQ: Emotional quotient – Self and people management

SQ: Spiritual quotient – Calming and channelling the self-talk in alignment with the goals

PQ: Physical body awareness and skilful use