Megha understands that people bring their personalities to work. What happens outside of work impacts how people behave at work. Megha helps develop leaders not only at work but also in their personal life. She aspires to assist people in becoming more present in their marriages, with their families and friends, and even with themselves! On a personal and professional level, Megha’s ideas resonate with everyone, that’s why they’re high on impact!


With a master’s degree in Human Resources and over twenty-five years of professional experience, Megha knows how to design interactive, thought-provoking programs that drive results. Her professional experience and career highlights include:

Work in the corporate sector:

1 Emirates NBD Bank, UAE

Successfully conducted the following programs:

CMP – Certified Manager Program (Senior Management) TLP – Team Leadership Program (Middle Management) CAP – Certified Associate Program (Entry-Level Candidates) Training Modules: Customer-Focused Behaviour, Creativity & Innovation, Effective Self-Management, Communication Skills, Customer Service, Team Building, Stress Management, Managing Upwards, and Banking Essentials.

2 National Nigerian Petroleum Corporation (NNPC)

Successfully conducted the following programs:

Leading with Emotional Intelligence, Creativity and Innovation for Sr. Managers, and Performance Management for Mid-level Managers.

3 Emirates National Oil Company (ENOC)

Conducted Management Development Programs and Classroom Training followed by On-The-Job and One-On-One Coaching.

Gulfdrug, Dubai

Successfully conducted and executed a training project on ‘Email Etiquette for Organizational Effectiveness’ across all management levels, independently.


Conducted the following training modules after being certified by Accenture:

Training Modules: Imparted knowledge-based training programs on Communication Skills, Effective Stakeholder Communication, Dynamic Communication Styles, Social Styles, Induction Training, Effective Client-Relationship Management, Customer Centricity, and Cultural Sensitivity for Accenture’s Leadership and Entry-level team professionals at various locations, including Mumbai, Pune, and Hyderabad.

4 Nokia (Retail Sales and Distribution Channels)

Conducted training programs across Gujarat, Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh for Nokia on various topics, including Sales Services, Negotiation Skills, Effective Communication Skills, Time Management, Visual Merchandising, and Induction Programs. She has been a highly acknowledged member of Nokia training Academy ever since.

5 Lupin

Successfully conducted the following programs:
Orchestrated training programs for Lupin on competencies i.e., Lupin’s Initiative “The Lupin Way” at various locations pan India for the leadership teams.

Experiential Learning (Outbound training)

Designed, facilitated and executed programs for corporate clients, like:
Alstom Power, Vodafone, Aircel, Elecon, GE, KPMG, and General Motors for their leadership teams through Destination Outdoors learning systems.

Independent Access Consciousness Energy Healer and Facilitator in Dubai & India

Work in Wellbeing & Healing Sector
Coaching & healing (Group & one-to-one):

Worked with various renowned well-being centres in Dubai as a healer & coach, and conducted the following workshops and one-to-one coaching sessions:

Access Consciousness Bars Practitioner and Facilitator

Relationship Healing using different modalities like Vision Board, Akashic Records, Drama Therapy, Art Therapy etc.

Chakra Healing & Balancing


Megha is highly emotionally intelligent, naturally curious and pragmatic – all of these help her to empathise with her client’s challenges and explore practical options to deliver positive outcomes. She creates a safe environment in which participants can take a fresh look at themselves and their innate potential. She helps her clients understand who they are at their best, how they may be stifling their potential, and how to be more emotionally intelligent.


Megha’s clients and partners see her as more than a facilitator, counsellor or coach. She builds and cultivates strong relations with her clients. Her clients include Emirates NBD Bank, UAE, National Nigerian Petroleum Corporation, Emirates National Oil Company, Dubai Customs, Gulfdrug, Dubai, Accenture, Coca-Cola, Nokia (Retail Sales and Distribution Channels), and Lupin to name a few.


Megha is a master storyteller whose energy is contagious. She finds creative ways to weave the audiences’ thoughts into every program. Whether through surveys, audience activities, or bringing people on stage, her level of audience interaction makes her programs a memorable experience.

Qualification & Certifications:

  • MBA – PGD in Human Resource Development: NMIMS Mumbai

Megha has done a comprehensive study of a wide range of theoretical concepts and functional areas in Human Resource Management and this knowledge helps her to understand and deal with all aspects of people management.


  • Relationship Coaching: ICF Certification 

Relationships are based on underlying beliefs and values, and the alignment or misalignment of these beliefs and values between two individuals. Megha helps her clients discover the alignment and rectify any misalignments so that they enjoy enriching and fulfilling relationships in their circle of influence.


  • Certified Creative Movement and Dance Therapist & Facilitator: CID, UNESCO, Switzerland 

Certified Train the Trainer 

After completing her International Certification of Dance Studies, Megha helps learners achieve emotional, cognitive, physical, and social integration. Her Dance Therapy & teaching technique (Train the Trainer) aims to improve self-esteem and body image, develop effective communication skills and relationships, expand the movement vocabulary, acquire insight into behavioural patterns, and come up with new ways to deal with challenges.


  • Cambridge International Diploma for Teachers and Trainers

Loaded with insights and learnings from Cambridge Certification for Trainers, Megha helps her clients explore and apply new ideas in their context, integrate new approaches into their practice, and focus on reflective practice to promote active learning.


  • Certification in International Business Etiquette and Communication by Sabira Merchant

Having learnt the basics of Communication Skills, Grooming, Body Language, Public Speaking and Confidence Building from the renowned Sabira Merchant, Megha helps her clients transform themselves into charming personalities. She also teaches Social Etiquette, Art of Answering Spontaneously with flair and finesse, Corporate Dressing, and Fine Dining Etiquette.


  • Six Sigma Green Belt Certification: TUV SUD

By pursuing the Lean Six Sigma certification and training program from Megha, individuals can become confident in adding value to their businesses. With requisite knowledge, they can have a positive impact at their workplace, they can standardize work, always be on the lookout for problems and eliminate them efficiently.


  • Certified Drama Therapist: CPD certification and Six Key Model Assessment tool for Drama Therapy Certification

The Drama Therapy Course conducted by Megha teaches learners how to apply theatrical approaches to therapy in any clinical setting.

The Six-Key Model is an integrative method of assessment and intervention that helps people have a clear understanding of how to facilitate personal growth through drama. And an ability to apply creative story making and role theory in a workshop setting.


  • Access Consciousness Bars Practitioner & Facilitator

Access Bars Therapy is a hands-on energy healing process. As an Access Bars Practitioner, Megha heals her clients and helps them to release anything that stops them from feeling joy and ease in their life. 
Many elements of their body and life can change with Access Bars, including sleep, health and weight, money, sex and relationships, anxiety, stress, and much more.