To be an effective Learning Facilitator/Trainer, I believe 3 qualities are essential. 1. Keen listener 2. A desire to help people realise what they can get better at and how 3. Humility Having known Megha, I can say that she is: 1. Able to easily connect to the context and the emotion behind the conversation 2. With a drive to make a difference, she loves to do as much as she can 3. Genuinely humble To top it all, the learning environment she creates allows people to reflect, apply and enjoy the techniques that come their way!
Puneet Trehan
Senior Performance Consultant at Fourth Quadrant
Megha is a thorough professional with very high potential. She has been able to display this time and again during our association at Evolve Consultants. An efficient and effective trainer and a supportive colleague.
Farheen Karkera
Organisational Development Consultant, Sydney, Australia
Megha is an incredible communicator, presenter & soft skills trainer, and having deep subject knowledge. I wish her the best of luck in her future career.
Ravindra Mahajan
20+ Years Experience In The Education Domain
Megha has a very high degree of commitment. Her training delivery and interacting training style are amazing. She consistently receives positive participant feedback.
Prasanta Choudhury
Director at Renaissance Strategic Consultants Pvt Ltd
Megha has been an excellent soft skill trainer and has trained scores of in-store demonstrators on retail solutions selling. I wish her good luck in her career ahead!
Vishal Vithalpura
JAPAC Sales & Marketing Leader | INSEAD | NMIMS | Investor
Megha is a dedicated and intelligent professional who manages and motivates her associates to reach their desired goals. She is a person who is always ready to help anyone and has got an approachable nature. Anyone will feel lucky to study with such a knowledgeable person.
Kalpesh K
Manager of Regulatory Affairs at a pharmaceutical company
Megha has a personal charisma, which, combined with her professional expertise, positive attitude and genuine smile, is bound to make everyone around her ready and attentive to what she says. Megha is determined and committed to succeeding, and I wish her more and more success.
Nabil Shubassi
Sales Manager at Gulf Drug LLC , Nabil was Megha’s client
Miss Megha is one of the best trainers. Her communication and thorough knowledge of the subject fully involve and influence any person attending her training session. I must say, my motivation level goes up after her training sessions. I wish her the best of luck.
Muhammad Nauman
Operations Manager at CPR Cell Phone, Muhammad was Megha’s client
I have worked closely with Megha on outbound training programs. She is a trainer par excellence. Innovative in thought yet simple in execution, she is endearing to every participant. She makes the most difficult of the tasks look easy, ensuring overwhelming participation in her programs. Fun-loving and always available to support you, she is one of the best in her field.
Jitendra (Jeetu) Rahi
Senior Management Consultant (Self-employed), Jitendra was Megha’s client
She is one of the best trainers I have ever met. Megha can influence and change one's mindset and also train very well. My pleasure to work with her.
Bijon Soni
Business Manager, Bijon was Megha’s client
Megha worked as an innovative and passionate Mathematics Teacher at NISV. She took up responsibilities beyond the call of duty. She loves to explore the world and move on to learn new things, always.
Manju Gupta
Education Advisor | Consultant | Mentor | Coach
Megha is well-conversant with her competencies and skills as a trainer. She has an eye for detail, and she consistently delivers. Underachieving is never in her books. She is always fresh and energetic and brings the zeal and enthusiasm of a strategic manager to work.
Kavita Jhala
Entrepreneur | Reviewer | Blogger | Trainer | Educationist
Megha was born to be a facilitator. Meticulous & diligent, she not only cares about the learning quality of her trainees but also about the direction of the programme. As a colleague and team member, she is without par.
Shonali Goswami
Regional Accounts Manager at Travels & Rentals Lufthansa City Centre